polaroid throwback | 2015ish

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Helloooo everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a little throwback. These are Polaroids I have taken over the years on various types of old Polaroids (let me know if you want the specific model for a particular photo). They are mostly artsy/aesthetic shots so I hope you enjoy!

optional history lesson: In 2008, Polaroid stopped manufacturing film for their instant cameras. The Impossible Project stepped in to continue manufacturing film for the Polaroid camera users still out there. However, the "recipe" for Polaroid film was top secret, so they decided to try to figure it out for themselves which gave them the name for their company. Fast forward to around October of this year and the Impossible Project has acquired the rights to the Polaroid brand and has transitioned themselves to "Polaroid Originals." They recently released a brand new line of old-style Polaroid cameras (with a few tweaks) which you can see here!

This photo and the one above it were taken on original Polaroid film. All of the following were taken on Impossible film.

I love film and I think the Polaroid model from the beginning is fascinating! Did you own a Polaroid instant camera when they first came out and if so, what was your reaction to it?

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- Victoria

sharing some old film shots | film | 2012 & 2013

Hey all! I know it's not technically the day or week to do a throwback, but I wanted to *finally* share these shots! I tried to post these last week but couldn't get my scanner to cooperate. It's working now, so here are some shots from 2012/2013 using either a Pentax ME Super or a Ricoh Singlex II.

Fun fact: I love miniatures! These are actually about the size of a postage stamp.

I've never named this baby doll, but she's always been one of my favorites.

Tumblr-aesthetic-sky shot

Purposeful light leak.

Hebrews 11:1. I think I used a macro filter for this shot.

If it weren't so expensive, I would shoot film far more often than I do right now. I love the "look" of film but I also love the challenge. It's easy to use a DSLR--take a shot, adjust the exposure, take another, re-compose, etc. Endless tries. But with film, each shot literally costs you money. Much more pressure! I have many more film shots to share (including some Polaroids) but I'll save those for another time. I hope you enjoyed these two film blogs! As usual, let me know which one was your favorite. Hopefully I can post something new soon!

- Victoria

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film | pentax me super & ricoh singlex II | 2012 & 2013

Hey everyone! This is not the blog I thought I'd be posting today... This was supposed to be a blog of recently developed film from a camera I tested, but unfortunately, the film was far too expired for any of the pictures to look decent. Then I thought I would share the roll of film from my Diana Mini but those didn't come out well either. Finally, I thought I would share some never-before-posted film shots. However, printers/scanners and I don't get along (that's an understatement) and while I got a few photos scanned onto my computer, the quality was terrible. (It's just been on of those days, okay? I broke a hand mixer because I accidentally got a wooden spoon tangled up in the beaters...) Hopefully I can get the scanner situation sorted out by next week so I can share them with you all, but for now, here are a few of the photos I scanned a few years ago! These photos were taken in 2012 or 2013 with either a Pentax ME Super or a Ricoh Singlex II.

Fun Fact: I enjoy reading about the Titanic. Over one hundred years ago, the RMS Titanic sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg. It took less than three hours to sink. Of the 2,223 passengers and crew, 1,517 of them died.

"Twenty-nine third-class female passengers died for every dog carried by a first-class passenger into a lifeboat." Return to Titanic, Robert D. Ballard

Light leaks. <3

Words from a tragically beautiful song by Taylor Swift.

When I posted this one on Flickr, I wrote a bit about memory:

"Memory is the diary we all carry about with us." Oscar Wilde

It's amazing to me how strong memories can be, even after a long time. How you can imagine something from years ago and still picture it like it was yesterday and feel the emotions you felt when it happened. It can fill you with sadness, anger, terror, helplessness, dread, grief, happiness, joy, all over again. Sometimes you laugh or cry too. It also amazes me how something so small can spark a memory. Something like a certain song randomly playing on the radio, or the way the sun is shining, or a smell. Memories are so powerful. They have the ability to change us. They remind us of things we don't want to be, of mistakes we made and people we've hurt. And sometimes they make us closed off from people, for fear of being hurt again.

I hope you enjoyed this even though it was far from what I originally wanted to post. Thanks for reading!

- Victoria

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