adventures in Ireland: killarney & inisheer | april 2018

Hey everyone!

I have been really busy with traveling and finishing up school for the semester, so I'm trying really hard to get caught up on sharing my photo adventures. These pictures are from the past month. A few are from Killarney National Park and the rest are from Inisheer, one of the Aran Islands.

Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park

The colors were unreal! The only adjustment I made to this one was adding a bit of brightness.

The Plassey -- wrecked ashore Inisheer Island in 1960. Everyone on board survived.

The island is only a little under 2 miles by 2 miles, but there is over 5,000 miles worth of stone walls!

These sheep were so funny. As soon as they saw my friends and I, they started making a whole bunch of noise. Even the babies started to chime in after a while!

Hope you enjoyed!

Note about the quality: maybe I'm the only one who notices, but the resolution of my photos has gone so downhill. I've tried changing settings, taking photos in better conditions, editing differently, etc... But the fact is that the quality used to be so much better. It is frustrating to have great pictures ruined by camera malfunction/outdated equipment. There have been many pictures I haven't been able to share because the quality is just so bad. I'd love to be able to get a newer camera, but that just isn't realistic right now. I wanted to acknowledge the quality difference in case anyone has noticed though. Thanks for sticking with me anyway!

- Victoria

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