distance with dragonflies | july 26th, 2017

Hello all! This is one of two photo blogs I have from July to share! The other one should be up sometime next week.

This capture is actually from the 25th but I thought I'd include it in this post.

I have about a dozen other daisy shots that I chose not to share...

Had to include this in light of my last blog including wildlife. I got pretty close to this little guy as I was taking pictures and he just sat there like a statue.

Straight out of the camera! Look at that contrast!

I'm not very fond of dragonflies but thankfully I can capture these neat creatures with my 55-200mm lens without getting up close and personal. Did you know there are over 3,000 known species of dragonflies? (I didn't.) I think this one is a libellula luctuosa, aka Widow Skimmer. A dragonfly's diet typically consists of mosquitoes and flies, and sometimes butterflies!

..unintentionally awkward transition.. Saw this little beauty and tried to follow it enough to get a good shot of it. I love the light shining through its wings, sort of like a stained glass window.

Add Queen Anne's lace to my list of most photographed subjects... Even more so than daisies nowadays...

Thanks for checking out this blog! Let me know which picture is your favorite in the comments.

- Victoria

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