when you have a cool hobby... | july 11th, 2017

Hey everyone! I wanted to take pictures yesterday since it's been a while, but it rained most of the day. Today I was literally dodging raindrops to get some pictures, but wowee was it worth it! Read through until the end to hear about my encounter with wildlife during the shoot...

Yellow is challenging to shoot, especially when the sun is hitting it. I was able to grab a few of these with decent exposure!

I used two different lenses for this shoot (35mm & 55-200mm) so if you're curious as to which lens I used for a particular photo, just ask!

Remember that "lovely stuff" I shot a few weeks ago and shared with you here? I'm pretty sure this is the dried version of the same plant. Isn't it still so pretty?!

These flowers were super cute! I couldn't pass them up and I didn't see them anywhere else.

Obligatory daisy picture.

There were so many butterflies! Click to view them in the larger lightbox.

I love the color of this plant and thought it was so cute all of these little guys were sharing the space.

This isn't a very good picture, but I wanted to share this because I didn't know such a butterfly existed in this area! The colors are so pretty.

HUMMING BEES. !!! Properly known as hemaris thysbe or hummingbird clearwings, these cool, fast, little creatures are actually a species of moth.


Okay, as promised... my wildlife story for the day. The place where I usually take pictures is somewhat of an overgrown field. I often hear animals rustling around, so I sort of tune it out. The rustling is usually caused by rabbits or field mice. Today, I came to a spot where the grass was bedded down. I knew there had been deer around, but I had also seen some...droppings...that weren't exactly deer-like. As I am contemplating the possibility of a bear having been near and whether or not they're nocturnal, I see/hear a brown animal tearing through the weeds, coming straight toward me. It broke through the clearing and stopped in a front-legs-crouching-toward-the-ground-with-rear-in-the-air kind of fashion. I gasped so loudly that I spooked the little baby deer that had just been caught off guard by the sight of me as I had been of him. It all happened so fast, I took a moment to calm myself. It's okay. Just a baby deer... OH MY WORD A BABY DEER! I quietly walked around to get a higher view to see if I could spot the deer again. Sure enough, the silly thing popped it's head up at me...


...and so did its friend!

I went inside for a few minutes but I was too curious. I grabbed my other lens and went back out.

And I found them again! This time they stuck around for a bit. Watch the video below to see what they did...

Needless to say, this shoot was a memorable one. Cute flowers, butterflies (including spotting that neat blue and orange one), hummingbird clearwings, and little baby deer... Yeah... My hobby is pretty freaking cool.


- Victoria

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