a new sunset everyday | june 12th, 2017

I went out to practice landscapes and yet ended up with all of this... I won't complain; very pleased with some of the shots I got. In fact, a few of the pictures I took are some of my favorites up to this point.

This was the back-of-the-camera shot I shared on the socials. That light! It made for some gorgeous pictures.

Straight-out-of-the-camera. Love the glow on the flowers. 

I took 464 pictures. I just clickclickclick to make sure I get the shot in focus. Narrowed it down to 97 of the best captures and now I'm sharing 12 with you here. That's why it takes so long for me to post sometimes...

I've been all about the high contrast lately...

Hey look. A landscape.

The color gradient on this is super cool.

If you haven't figured it out already, the lighting was GORGEOUS. I barely touched these in editing.

I was so amazed by what I was photographing. It felt like God was putting on a show and somehow, I had the privilage of capturing it.

These shots were particularly the situations in which I clickclickclicked at least 20 times for each angle. My shutter speed was set fairly slow and I didn't have anything to steady myself on. I'm sure it was quite a sight...bent over standing all funny, face probably turning red from holding my breath/holding the awkward position... Totally worth it.

As photographers, we get scared... We get scared that we'll run out of "new" stuff and that we'll keep recycling old stuff. (Or maybe that's just me.) But if we're constantly striving toward growing in our art and pursing it rather than chasing after the next newest bestest picture, it's going to show. It allows us to not think so much, but rather just do. No two sunsets are painted alike. That alone gives us a new, fresh canvas every single day.

Oh, and all of these were taken with my kit lens

- Victoria


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